#STARTop5Today: Dancehall lyrics that make you go hmmm

April 26, 2016

Caught up in the musical moment you tend to just enjoy a song's rhythm and perhaps the artiste's flow - but then you take the time to actually listen to the lyrics. And that is when you sometimes go "what the heck?" 

The STAR is reminding you of five dancehall songs with lines that made us all go "hmmmm."

I-Octane: So Adele made her hit song Hello and I-Octane decided to remix. This was the first line: "Hello, badmind it's me..." This line is laughable. Why is I-Octane calling badmind? How did he get badmind's number? Are they friends? I-Octane has more than three songs talking about badmind, what is his obsession with badmind? Hmmm.

Khago: "A me mek dem marina stretch out..." This was Khago's diss track for I-Octane. Aah boy! That must be the worst diss song ever. Wait! What is there to brag about in stretching out another man's under garment? Hmmm.

Ding Dong: "Badman forward, badman pull up..." Big up Ding Dong, he's probably the only  person that can make a song with just five words. This song is three minutes and 23 seconds long and that is literally all there is to the song. Is that even a song? Did Ding Dong forget the words? Hmmm.

Elephant Man: In his song, Log On, he said: "Put out yuh right han and put out yuh right feet, log on a run di street..." Is it because he's an Elephant or does he think everybody has more than one right foot? How did the producers allow that to go out? All in the name of rhymes. Hmmm.

Mavado: In his song, Gyal Wine, Mavado said: "She brace it pon me, she inna wah sexy laundry..." Huh? What does a sexy laundry look like? These producers ought to be fired. He could have used another word that'd probably still rhyme. Sexy laundry though? Hmmm.

Do you agree with this list? Which song would you add?




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