Beez Stinga says 'Thank God I'm Alive'


April 27, 2016
Beez Stinga

Recording artiste Beez Stinga has been doing exceptionally well in his effort to become a household name with the release of his recent single, Thank God I'm Alive, produced by Spill Honey Records.

The video, which was also released with the single, was directed by Di-Rawtid Youth and shot in Buff Bay, Portland.

Beez Stinga's music has already been well received, being popular in places like England, Uganda, and other areas around the world. This single has been even more popular within the Caribbean countries, gaining a good number of rotations on local radio stations.

The feedback and reviews on Thank God I'm Alive have been pouring in on social media, deeming it a success. The video, which can be found on YouTube, is gaining traction daily.

With regard to the audience he would like to reach with his music, Beez Stinga states: "I want my music to target a worldwide audience. Any race, as opposed to a particular audience."

Stinga's writing inspiration comes fluently by reasoning about the experiences he has faced in his life. Humble and focused, Beez Stinga has the drive to reach the top. Thank God I'm Alive is distributed by Zojak World Wide and is available on iTunes for purchase.

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