Gully Bop is unmanageable ...Deejay, manager part ways

April 27, 2016
Karl Durrant
Gully Bop

Claiming to have been the one that dropped dancehall artiste Gully Bop, manager Karl Durrant is declaring that his life is better off not having the toothless deejay as part of his portfolio.

Durrant and Gully Bop parted ways recently and there are claims and counter-claims about who initiated the separation.

A'Mari, Gully Bop's fiancee, told THE STAR that Phantom Fireworks Record Label, of which she is the CEO, was now managing Gully Bop.

"I paid Karl Durrant to be my publicist and he did not deliver on what he promised. He's not credible. He has treated both Gully Bop and me very unfairly," A'Mari told THE STAR.

Gully Bop's movement to Phantom Fireworks Record brings to an end a working relationship which Durrant started last December.

Durrant told THE STAR he has received enough signs from God to not only drop Gully Bop as a client, but to also change his life.

"Sunday morning I was heading home when I blacked out and crashed. The car hit a rock and flipped twice before coming to a stop on the edge of a gully. I said to myself that this is the closest I am going to any gully as of today," he told THE STAR.

"From Gully Bop ask me to manage him it has been like a tornado passing through my life and business. My show in December [was] rained out; January a pure mix-up due to the padlock thing; February, me lose crazy money; March me and my fiancee break up; and April me crash," Durrant said.

He continued: "Honestly, me rate Gully Bop, but I am not sticking around to see what happens next."




Claiming that he has worked with more than 50 artistes in his 10-year career, Durrant described Gully Bop as


"When I get him shows, he spends the money as if he is rich. He refuses to save and that is why he is broke today and expects me to pay for his habit and lifestyle. Gully Bop mash up him two vehicles plus three rentals and he is renting cars daily to impress the groupies who do nothing but con him out of the little he has left," Durrant claimed.

But this is not the first time that there has been trouble in the camp, as in February, Gully Bop and former fiancÈe, Chin Chin, claimed that the deejay was no longer working with Durrant. Some days later, Gully Bop retracted his statement, saying he was still on good terms.

When contacted by THE STAR, Gully Bop, who recently underwent dental surgery in the United States, refused to speak on the matter of his relationship with Durrant.

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