Bieber Blasts Bloggers

April 28, 2016

Justin Bieber has blasted bloggers for “making something out of nothing” after they attacked him for allegedly comparing himself to God.
The “’What Do You Mean’ singer, who is currently on his Purpose World Tour recently posted a photo on himself on Instagram in which is lying in bed, snuggling with a dog. The picture was captioned “And on the 7th day”, apparently alluding to the Biblical story of Jesus resting on the 7th day after creating the world.

Bloggers and some online media entities have created articles claiming that Bieber is comparing himself to God in the caption.

However Bieber, who is known to embrace Christianity, did not turn the other cheek like the Bible instructed. He clapped back.

“My goodness. I was making a reference. I am not comparing myself to God, I’m the farthest thing from! “

He continued, “It was my way of saying how important rest is. When there is nothing to pick at me for, you make something out of nothing, but I get it. You need ratings and traction for your blogs.”

Bieber’s fans, known as the “Beliebers” came out in support of their icon.

One said, “People need to keep their mouths closed. He can do and say what he wants without people’s judgements.”

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