Eldie Anthony makes history


April 28, 2016
Eldie Anthony

Recording artiste Eldie Anthony has made history for not only himself, but for the genre of reggae and Jamaica as well.

He is the first up-and-coming artiste in the world who has ever released a full-length debut double album at the launch of his career.

The album, entitled Break Free, consists of two sides. Side one is entitled Break Free - Reggae Vibration which was developed strictly for the reggae lovers who want authentic Jamaican music with no influence of mainstream music.

The second side of the album is entitled Break Free - Yardstream. The word yaadstream was created by Eldie Anthony and Christina Grand to describe the fusion of Jamaican and mainstream music, which is what this side of the album highlights.

Both sides of the Break Free album are available on most online platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more. Physical copies are available directly through the Reggae Embassy or its associate, Music Embassy. Fans can purchase each side separately or the special edition album.

Both albums were produced by Eldie Anthony and Christina Grand from the Music Embassy. However, many tracks were co-produced with composer/producer Askell of Vision House Records and Eldie's cousin, David 'Jukie' Leckie. Music Embassies' Musical Director and vocal trainer, Adriana Zabala, co-produced with Grand on the song entitled Shut It Down on the Yaadstream side of the album.

There is much more to come for Eldie Anthony. This album marks the launch of his career. An album release party is in the process of being planned for both Jamaica and the USA. The dates will soon be announced.

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