Sumfest will be better ...Joe Bogdanovich calms fears after acquiring brand

April 28, 2016
Joe Bogdanovich
File Joe Bogdanovich

Sumfest will be better

... Joe Bogdanovich calms fears after acquiring brand

Since the announcement that the Reggae Sumfest brand was acquired by businessman and CEO of Downsound Records, Joe Bogdanovich, many have been on edge about the plans for the internationally acclaimed festival going forward.

However, with just a little over two months to go before the 2016 staging of the annual music festival, Bogdanovich has sought to let fans know that there is nothing to be worried about, and insists that this year's festival is shaping up to be one of the best shows in the history of the event.

Emphasising that the execution of a successful show this year will take a team effort, Bogdanovich told THE STAR that he will continue to work with the show's founders going forward.

"Let me make something absolutely clear. This is not a me thing," he explained. "I am working with the founders of the festival, Johnny Gourzong, Robert Russell and the entire MoBay Team, along with my team at DownSound Records, in hosting the greatest reggae show on earth to the public like never before."

Already the businessman, who has been a part of the entertainment industry for many years, has scaled the festival down from three nights to two, a move which he says will benefit patrons in the long run.

"Many people do not have the disposable income to spend on three nights. You have to remember that the economy in Jamaica is tough, but tourists come because of the culture and the warmth of the people and the beauty of the island. We are scaling down to two nights with top acts and three nights of parties on the week of the show," he said.

international market

Aside from bringing Reggae Sumfest down to two nights, Bogdanovich said he hopes to make the show bigger internationally.

"The aim of Reggae Sumfest is to expand its horizons to the international market. To have foreign acts that at times can be hype is one thing, but to have international sponsors is a much different thing. The difference is to have a chance at being profitable. When you bring a festival the size of Reggae Sumfest to Jamaica, you need to have the respect of the international power brokers and sponsors to finance such a mission," he said.

While on the topic of sponsors and finance, THE STAR asked Bogdanovich how much he spent on his latest acquisition, but the businessman refused to talk figures, stating, only that Brand Jamaica is worth a lot and he will always spend 'top dolla' on anything to do with investing in the country he calls home.

He also remained tight-lipped on some of the artistes already booked for the event.

"As for names, you are going have to wait. You will not be disappointed," he said. "Reggae Sumfest brings top dancehall acts on a Thursday night, which is now a Friday and as far as International Fusion Night , you can look forward to seeing top reggae acts alongside one or two well established acts."

Reggae Sumfest is set for Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, in July.

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