Basketball star Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha endorse Jamaica

April 29, 2016
Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha Photo via:IG @stephencurry30

Her husband has won the hearts of fans worldwide and Ayesha Curry is no less loved.

This time she has captured the hearts of Jamaicans because of a video that has been circulating on social media.

In the video that is almost 2 minutes in length, the wife of the famous basketball player, Steph Curry, nails the Jamaican accent.

"Him sexy suh till" and "A wah dis? Eh no ripe yet," are two of the lines that she nailed perfectly. 

She also belted out, Bob Marley's, No Woman No Cry.

In one scene she was driving with her husband and they vibed to dancehall artiste, Sean Paul's 2005 hit, Temperature.

"No Jamaican will get offended by it. In fact it's an honor to know that people love our accent and music and culture. I love the Curry's for this," one person commented.

"The patois was good..u must have some family members from Jamaica. Big up uself fam..REAL Jamaicans are always happy when ppl embrace our culture in every way. We actually find it funny when you try the Patois and you know about our FOOD YAAASS... LOVE IT," another said.


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