Gunter hosts comedy event in Florida

April 29, 2016
File Rohan Gunter

Comedy Buss winner Rohan Gunter has collaborated with C Moore Entertainment and Nadine Vybz to host a new comedy event titled Gigglez, to be held today.

The event will be held in South Florida at Nadine Vybz Kitchen, and according to Gunter, patrons should expect laughter in abundance.

"I am a man of my word, and when I say this will be an epic show, I mean it. So turn out in your numbers and let's do this. We have a strong entertainment package lined up. The title alone says it all," Gunter said.

The comedian migrated to the United States a few years ago and currently hosts a show on Flexx FM based in Florida. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that comedy is still his main priority.

"I am still putting in the work. I recently won an award which shows that my work is being recognised, and you know we going step by step until we reach the highest level," he said.

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