New York companies stage J'can events


April 29, 2016
Mad Boss
Justin Hammin

New York-based entertainment company, DJT Promotions, which is helmed by Vassell O'Gilvie, and Sunlight Light Productions, owned by Percy Miller, have teamed up to stage a series of events in Jamaica.

The first event, dubbed My Dream takes place today at Ven's Place in Brampton Lane, St Elizabeth. It will feature performances from Sunlight Production artistes Neutron, Mad Boss and Justin Hammin. Music will be provided by popular sound systems and DJs such as Ruff Cutt International, Pablo Movement, Flexx & Marvin and Starcade.

The second event, called White House Invasion, takes place tomorrow at the Tiles and Things Complex in White House, Westmoreland. The line-up includes Justin Hammin, Mad Boss, Neutron, DJ Kentucky, Choice Movements sound system, Don P and Slimmatic.

The final event, Bottles and Models, take place on Friday, May 6 at the Building Depot in Junction, St Elizabeth. It will also feature performances from Mad Boss, Justin Hammin and Neutron. Music will be provided Bass Odyssey, Energy Zone and Crabby & Hot Cash.

"Mr O'Gilvie and I have joined forces with several of our contacts in Jamaica to stage these events to promote our artistes. Together, we are working with a very talented set of artistes, and we plan to do everything we can to push them to the forefront of the Jamaican music industry," said Miller, who plans to launch a full-scale media blitz to promote his artiste over the next three weeks. "All the acts on our labels are based in the US, except Neutron. Madd Boss and Justin Hammin are currently in Jamaica, so we plan to do as much promotion as possible while they are here."

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