Boom Boom ignores Fire Links ...says he earned his 'Billboard Selector' title

April 30, 2016
File Selector Boom Boom
Fire Links

... says he earned his

'Billboard Selector' title

Following Fire Links' claim that he is the 'Official and Certified Billboard selector' after charting on the Billboard Hot 100 after being featured in Kanye West's song, Waves, Boom Boom, the 'Billboard selector', has finally responded.

According to Boom Boom, Fire Links should focus on clashing sounds, as he is not the first act to be on the Billboard chart.

"Mi nuh inna nuh competition wid nuh man about Billboard because Tony Matterhorn was the first, Hotta Ball was the second and Boom Boom was the third and more will come. Mi past Billboard and deh a 'World Boom' right now, and mi fans dem know that," he said.

The selector, who recently returned from a tour of Europe, said he is focused on establishing his brand overseas. He also said he will continue to refer to himself as the 'Billboard selector'.

"Mi a tour the world and the world know seh mi a di Billboard Selector. What is due to Cesar must be given to Cesar. It was my idea and I decided to run with it because Beenie Man and I did a song called Whine Whine and it charted on the Reggae Billboard chart. I have been using the title for the last five years," he told THE STAR.

"So when some man a seh dem a di official Billboard Selector mi just a seh give me my glory. Mi nuh inna no competition with some man. Some man fi guh compete with veterans like Tony Matterhorn, Ricky Trooper, Mighty Crown and Pink Panther. Mi come and change the game and mi nah mek Fada Pow walk and hold down him head because he respects me highly.

Boom Boom and Fire Links have had a volatile relationship over the past three years and recently attempted to make amends at Stone Love anniversary. However, Boom Boom says Fire Links is bipolar.

"When him ready him just start up a bag of things, but mi nah disrespect him. Mi nuh have nothing bad fi seh bout him. Mi nah try diss him nor belittle him. Da bredda deh can't tame and that is why I never drop my guard, mi just keep him far. He ate his slice of the cake and should allow me to eat mine because it don't last forever. I will soon have to hand it over to somebody else," said Boom Boom, who will perform in Canada this weekend, after which he will head to New York.

When contacted Fire Links told THE STAR that he did not wish to comment on the matter.

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