Pritty Di General pleased with 'Siddung'

May 04, 2016
Pritty Di General

Dancehall artiste Pritty Di General is pleased with the powerful response to his new single Siddung, which features Pamputtae.

"I am getting a lot of positive feedback in the streets. I promoted the song for two straight weeks with Team Pritty in Kingston, and the selectors give me a big strength at all the street dances. Di ting loud, big respect to Pam," Pritty Di General said.

The promotion also received a boost from an unlikely source, as a clip that was shot on the set of Pritty's video shoot showing Shelly Belly dancing with two girls in some sexually provocative positions has gone viral.

"That was a really good look, and that clip pushed Siddung all over the social media like whoa. Right now the song is taking off all over the Caribbean and the US," he said.

At 27, Pritty Di General, real name Ricardo Steele, has been performing in the US since 2004. Born in Kingston, his style is a fusion between reggae and modern hip-hop.

"It's different. It's like a mixture of everything," said Pritty, who has songs like Montego Bay and Remanic, a collaboration with Wally British. "It's reggae, but I'm not your typical reggae artiste. I can rap, I can do a little singing. You'll definitely get a whole other feel."

Pritty says his goal is to take reggae to new places - both artistically and geographically.

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