Byll Gatezs gets Billboard re-tweet


May 06, 2016
Byll Gatezs

Recording artiste Byll Gatezs has been receiving notable attention with his recently released single, 'Scamma Wine', since a promotional video of the song was re-tweeted by Billboard Magazine.

Billboard Magazine has 3.7 million followers on its Twitter account and resulted in Scamma Wine being viewed more than 30,000 times in three days.

The controversial song is not the most popular on local radio, however, Byll Gatezs said he has been raising eyebrows in the dancehall.

"Females are always asking me for money because dem say mi rich and a one Byll Gatezs deh Jamaica. Right now, I'm focused, on music, and I know this song can be di song to give me dat breakthrough. Di gal dem love it because di concept different and dem can now wine and scam di man dem," he joked.

The recording artiste, who spent years under the wings of Gyptian, told THE WEEKEND STAR that a music video is in the works.

"We are ready to start promoting even harder, as well as shoot the music video. Visuals help to bring life to the music," Gatezs' road manager, dancer John Bling, chimed in.

He also believes Byll Gatezs has the potential to grown into a successful artiste.

"I believe in him; he has talent. Most of the rich talk you hear people with, he is the first person that created them. Byll Gatezs a di life a di party and always full a vibes because he is a people person and everyone loves him, especially the females. I know this song can do well once it gets proper rotation," the road manager said.

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