Jafrika Records - connecting Ja to the Motherland


May 06, 2016

The name Jafrika accurately sums up the message the record label founder Dr Trevor D. Clarke had in mind when building Jafrika Records.

Founded in 2000, Clarke embraced the concept of the unbreakable bond the motherland, Africa, had with her offspring in Jamaica.

The goal of Jafrika Records is to educate, uplift, and entertain people with the rich vibrant sound of reggae music in the tradition of reggae legends who have already spread the music around the world like wild fire. The record label continues to promote its message through genres like dancehall, roots, and culture.

Jafrika's latest production includes the '80s Bounce rhythm; an oldies dance-inspired melody that features songs such as Booba Starr's '80s Gallies, Teflon's Mi Nuh See Dem, Deep Jahi's Mi Nuh Inna, and more.

The rhythm continues to rack up positive reviews and is highly favoured by anyone who loved going to a Jamaican dance in the 1980s.

"We (Jafrika Records) are obligated to preserve the rich legacy of the music and to continue to build on it for all generations," Clarke said.

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