Chi Ching Ching promoting happiness through music


May 10, 2016
Chi Ching Ching
Chi Ching Ching
Chi Ching Ching

Chi Ching Ching promoting happiness through music

Curtis Campbell

STAR Writer

STAR of the Month Chi Ching Ching may be criticised for his simple and sometimes comedic lyrics. However, the artiste recently told THE STAR that his mission is not to facilitate a debate on social or political issues, but to make people happy.

"Mi just a gwaan do some music and keep it right there. I am not going to go out of the box, even if you hear me do a serious song, it is not going to be that deep. It is going to be alcohol free, dung to the kids can have it," he said.

As it relates to critics who claim his music has no substance, the dancer-turned-deejay said he is not that type of entertainer.

"Chi Ching Ching is on a mission to make people happy. When you hear a song from Ching, you are supposed to smile. You are not supposed to look on life serious, that is not me and me never buss dem way deh," he told THE STAR.

"When Chi Ching Ching buss and him create a slang, the whole dance a laugh and sometimes they think what I say is gimmicks. But when they go home and think about it, they realise that it is not gimmicks, but its how I deliver it."

The artiste also said he does not write his music.

" I don't write my music, I curve my songs in my mind," he said.

Chi Ching Ching is promoting his single, Breadfruit.

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