Full speed ahead for Biggaton

May 10, 2016
File Biggaton

Imhotep C recording artiste Biggaton is pleased with the growth of his international fan base.

Since the start of the year the hard-working entertainer who is known for songs such as Crime Stopper and What a Ting featuring Mutabaruka, has been very busy on the international music scene.

In January, he left the island for a month-long tour of the UK which ended in February. His most recent overseas assignment was in Barbados where he performed at the Unity Fest, which was held on recently at Cavan's Lane in Bridge Town.

"Over the years, I've done a lot of work to build up my overseas fan base. When I just started touring I was an opening act; now I am touring as a headline act," said the artiste.

Biggaton and his band, the iBand, is getting ready for the upcoming Fi Wi Media Island Tour, which will starts July and ends in August.

"This tour is a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with my fans at home. Performing overseas is more lucrative because it's a bigger market, but I always look forward to performing for my local fans, because home is where it all began," he said.

After the Fi Wi Media island tour, Biggaton is scheduled to tour Japan from August 18 to September 18, 2016.

Also on the card for Biggaton is the shooting of videos for his singles, Bawl Fi Life and Breath Dem a Waste.

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