'Work Hard' buzzes for Dimon Treajah

May 10, 2016

Rizing Stars recording artiste Dimon Treajah, is getting a huge feedback from his latest single, Work Hard, on the Drugs rhythm for Chase Mills Records.

The song, which seems to have touched a nerve with Jamaicans advocating for better working conditions and higher wages, has become a regular fixture on the FIWI Choice top ten charts which airs on TVJ every Saturday. The rotation of the single has also picked up on FM radio.

"The streets ah talk bout the song, the other day, mi a listen to IRIE, and mi hear DJ Wayne drop it and mi phone blow up. The song ah gwaan good, people from all bout ah link me and mi glad fi the energy weh a gwaan," Dimon Treajah said.

The song has become the rallying cry for Jamaicans who are advocating for the government to fulfil its promise of a tax break for Jamaican workers earning under $1.5M.

The artiste is also getting a huge buzz with the single, Sexual Healing. Produced by DJ Frass Records and released last November, the single is getting a lot of airplay on local FM radio.

"This year, I will be officially releasing my EP, plus there is a Dimon Treajah and Di Firm mixtape that will be released next month, so my fans can look out for that," he said.

He can be followed on Twitter: @dimonagain and Instagam: @Dimon_ Treajah.

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