Vahni's video hits the chart


May 12, 2016

Since its release earlier this year, Step from the Dark by recording artiste Vahni has emerged as a sleeper hit. The video is charting on the Hype TV VTX Countdown. Last week, it entered at number nine.

Step from the Dark is produced by Live Life Music Group (LLMG).

"Thanks to the fans who have voted for the video, and we appreciate all the support that the song has been getting," Vahni said.

Music has been somewhat of a comfort for the up-and-coming singjay. Since the death of his brother, music has been his best friend.

"Well, my brother was the only friend I had at the time, and when he passed away, the only thing that could comfort me was music. By listening to music, I have developed a passion for it, hence I decided to start writing songs on my own," Vahni explained.

Vahni, whose given name is Shawnpierre Thompson, has worked with a number of producers including Markus Records, Allfaces Records and Armzhouse Records.

The artiste explained what inspired him musically.

"What inspires me musically is the love I have for music itself, and by listening to other artistes and hearing their struggles, singing and sharing what they have been through."

Things that I have seen for myself in my everyday surrounding, the struggles I myself have faced, and knowing that I have the ability - the gift to write and sing - that's what inspires me. That's what keeps me doing music."

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