DStar Incredible drops 'Sunshine'


May 13, 2016
Contribuited DStar Incredible

Rising dancehall artiste DStar Incredible has officially released his latest single, Sunshine.

The single, which is planned to be a summer hit, was produced by Ahness Bread Records and has a very high potential at being the summer song of 2016. The lyrics describing the qualities of DStar's ideal sunshine will have everyone singing and dancing along with its catchy and captivating sound.

The accompanying video, which will follow the single, is set to be released very soon. The visuals will be directed by the Ahness Bread Records team and it will be shot in Ocho Rios, St Ann, and Florida, USA.

Sunshine is just the first single to be released ahead of other projects in the making, including his upcoming EP, from which he is expecting a positive feedback.

The next single DStar plans to release is Bumpa Big, which he is hoping to will pull new and loyal fans into his already growing fan base.

The pre-summer single has been wildly received over various media networks and has also been a favourite for local and Caribbean disc jocks. The reaction has continued to motivate him to climb further to the top.

Sunshine can be heard via YouTube and will be available for purchase on iTunes soon.

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