Baby Tash wants a big man

May 16, 2016
Baby Tash
Baby Tash

Dancehall diva Baby Tash, has teamed up with seasoned musician and producer Kirk Bennett of KirkleDove Records for her latest single 'Big Man Me Want'. The song is featured on the Diamond Cut rhythm, which is being distributed by Vpal and is currently available on iTunes and other online stores.

Baby Tash said the controversial concept of the song has had tongues wagging since its release. "Some girls prefer to date young boys, who are just into games and the hype, while others prefer older men with the aim of having a more mature relationship. Some believe that if they see a young girl with an older man, it is only for financial benefits. Other girls go for younger men because dem nuh want nuh old man fi old dem up and control dem," she said. "This song represents for the ladies who are into having a mature relationship with a big man who respects her, not into cheating games, and treats her like a queen. A big man me date. Nuh likkle juvenile bway cyaa beat down me gate."

The self-proclaimed Champion Bubbler is pleased with the feedback to the single. "I am happy with the response I'm getting on this song. Radio stations and fans love it, and I am grateful," she said, while giving kodus to Bennett. "It is always great working with top producers like Kirk. He is a musician and not just a producer. His level of creativity combined with mine can only result in great things."

Baby Tash, who recently returned from the US and has been working on new projects, is looking forward to a busy summer. "I am never not working. Music is a lifestyle. We are getting calls for summer events locally and overseas, so that is a good look."

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