Beenie Man apologises after dissing female fan

May 17, 2016

Social media certainly knows how to get people to act and Beenie Man probably knows that more than anyone else.

After all, social media backlash from fans of the King of the Dancehall has caused him to make a public apology to a woman he allegedly disrespected on the weekend.

Beenie Man was performing his set a Chug It in Negril, when a woman entered the stage and started gyrating on the artiste.

"Hey dutty b@##% gal, yuh inna dutty clothes a whine up pon me," he said to the woman, who hurriedly exited the stage.

A video that captured just what happened has since gone viral with a number of persons calling the artiste disrespectful.

 "Tsk tsk..disappointed how him say it n diss her," one social media ser commented.

"It just goes to show is not every woman him respect bet if it was a up town girl r a girl from over seas him wouldn't say that him need to remember most of the time is girls like those pay money to come support him show," another said.

But Beenie Man used an Instagram video to apologise to the woman on Monday evening.

"Hi this is Beenie Man and I'm just here to make an apology to that girl on stage. The problem is, I did this with her, I apologised to her but that was privately between me and her so now me a dweet publicly so di people dem can know, me nah really style her," he said.

He also admitted that though the woman was really wearing muddy clothes, he could have handled the situation differently.

"How me say it, it did come across wrong. She say she know and she apologise to me but a me suppose to apologise to her. So to all my fans, oonu know me is the girl dem I would never want something to come across like Beenie Man is dissing no female any at all and I love you all ladies and no disrespect," he said.

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