MAN ATTACKS, BEATS MERCILESS …Deejay’s wrist broken in incident


May 18, 2016

Man attacks deejay, wrist broken in incident

Dancehall deejay Merciless is currently at home recuperating following an encounter in Free Town, Clarendon, on Monday afternoon where the entertainer was beaten by a man.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy, but THE STAR gathered that the 44-year-old artiste was at a mechanic shop when the incident took place. It is said that while at the location, the deejay, whose real name is Leonard Bartley, was approached by an unknown man who severely beat him with a piece of iron, leaving him with a broken wrist and cuts all over his body.

He was reportedly taken to the May Pen Police Station, where the incident was mentioned before being transported to the May Pen Hospital for treatment.

official report

When THE STAR contacted the deejay yesterday to get more details regarding the incident, he told our news team that he was in too much pain to talk.

"I can't talk about it right now," he said. "I'm in too much pain to talk. I'm resting."

THE STAR then contacted the May Pen police who confirmed that the deejay did make a stop at the station on Monday afternoon. Sergeant Campbell confirmed that the deejay did come into the station looking like he had been involved in a fight, but revealed that the entertainer did not file an official report at the time.

"We can confirm that he did stop by the station yesterday (Monday) and he mentioned the incident before he was taken to the hospital," the cop said. "He did not make an official report, and we advised him to file the report if the matter is to be investigated. He has not been back as yet."

However, when contacted last night, the police said Merciless eventually gave them an official statement. .

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