Spice dazzled, Beenie booed at Chug It

May 18, 2016
Adrian Frater Beenie Man during Chug It
Adrian Frater Spice Performing at Chug It

Western Bureau:

The thousands of scantily clad revellers who turned up at the Wavz Beach in Negril, Westmoreland, Sunday night for the sixth staging of 'Chug It' got a mixed bag, as while the entertainment was reasonable, the congestion on the stage was a significant distraction.

It was also a contrasting situation for the star attractions - deejays Beenie Man and Spice. While Spice dazzled and was well received, Beenie earned the wrath of the fans after making what was seen as unkind remarks to a female patron.

During his set, Beenie Man, who took the stage in the aftermath of Spice's high-energy set, was flowing quite smoothly, blazing out songs like Zagga Zow, Rum and Redbull, Slam, Old Dog and Dude, when he basically got derailed by the antics of a female fan.

The young fan climbed on to the stage, turned her posterior to the deejay and began gyrating on his pelvic area, After a few moments, the deejay eased her off and remarked, "You clothes dirty ... why yu come up here and a wine up pon me inna dirty clothes?"

The obviously embarrassed young woman quickly exited the stage. A section of the crowd did not take kindly to what was said and began booing Beenie Man and hurling insults at him. Beenie Man made the situation worse when he singled out the woman in the crowd and further remarked, "Don't me don't diss yu ... yu clothes dirty." Again, the crowd reacted with more boos.

Despite his efforts to win back the crowd by 'bigging up' incarcerated dancehall stars Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton and then pouring cold water on his so-called feud with fellow deejay Movado, the crowd was clearly not with him.

Seemingly frustrated, Beenie Man declared that he didn't care who did not like him and began boasting about his many decades as a top-flight star in entertainment. Convinced he was not getting anywhere, he nonchalantly belted out his latest song, We Run Road, and then exited the stage.

Unlike Beenie Man, the sizzling Spice came, saw and conquered, mixing raunchy lyrics with thought-provoking comments and explicit dance moves. She basically did not miss a beat as she poured it on, much to the delight of the fans.

After eliciting wild screams with her opening song, Fight Over Man, Spice went 'raw', telling the females that only girls with a particular kind of 'private parts' should sing along with her. The comment drew more wild screams from the crowd.

In between her chit-chat and dancing, Spice reminded the audience that she was the hottest female deejay around as she delighted with Rompin' Shop, Conjugal Visit and Work Work, in between 'bigging up' Vybz Kartel.

After unleashing raunchy versions of Needle Eye and A Suh Me Like It, Spice initiated an impromptu dance-off between a full-figured woman and a slim girl. This drove the crowd wild. When Spice exited, there were loud screams of, "More, more!" She was promptly invited back for an encore.

Prior to the performances, patrons were treated to music by Chromatic and Hyperactive sounds.

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