Malikaii.i drops Summertime Blast


May 20, 2016
Contributed Malikaii.i

An epiphany is a rare and wonderful thing. So imagine having one when you are just eight years old like Craig 'Malikaii.i' Buddan, who knew that he would be an entertainer once he grew up.

"I knew when I was about eight that I wanted to do music. I just knew it, my dad was always a singer. I used to sing Kenny Rogers songs word for word, and I would listen to Celine Dion. I just knew I wanted to perform. I began writing songs at age 10 and I haven't stopped since. It is just my destiny," Malikaii.i said.

getting rotation

The singjay has been generating a major buzz with his latest single, Summertime Blast, which has been getting rotation on various FM radio stations. He also shot a music video for the project which was directed by acclaimed music video director Wayne South.

"The shoot went very well. It was done over several days and I know that this is going to launch my career in a big way," the artiste said.

Born in Kingston on June 8, he attended Titchfield High in Port Antonio. In school, he was immediately drawn to the recorder and he soon learned to play pop songs by ear. Upon graduating with five CXC passes, he moved to Kingston and began assisting his parents in their business.

But music remained his true belief, so he quit all his other endeavours to focus on his first love.

He has recorded a number of singles on his own Mal B Don Records label. He has also released the single Money Maker on a rhythm for Jay Crazie.

Malikaii.i recently performed at a weekly event at Rae Town where he wowed the audience. He has been aggressively promoting Summertime Blast at weekly street dances.

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