POLICE PROBE DANGEROUS DANCER …Cops threaten to shut down events with Marvin

May 20, 2016
Dancer Marvin The Beast
File Shereen Hall's leg was fractured after dancer Marvin jumps on the tent under which she was working as a bartender last year.
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Steve McGregor, Senior Superintendent of Police in charge of St James

Cops threaten to shut down events with Marvin

Dancer Marvin 'The Beast' is being investigated by the police for his alleged dangerous dancing performances at entertainment events.

Steve McGregor, senior superintendent of police in charge of St James, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the probe includes seeking to find out whether the Montego Bay-based dancer assaulted a woman of unsound mind during a recent dancing episode.

McGregor said that the investigations were launched following recent performances by the dancer. Some of his antics have been captured on camera and have been posted on social media.

"Somebody sent one of the [recent] videos to me and I viewed it. Sadly, we found the main female who was in the act, as well as others, and they are claiming to say it's OK and they were having fun. But it is my intention to call him in, though, and question him," McGregor said.

McGregor noted that in order for any charges to be laid against the dancer, a willing complainant has to come forward, and thus far, none has.


In recent weeks, videos of Marvin's performances have been heavily circulated on social media. Among them is one in which he slams a female on to a tabletop, and although she seemed momentarily incoherent from the unexpected impact, Marvin continued ramming into her. Moments later, he pushes the same female from a platform on to the ground, then dives on to her to continue his rough 'daggering'.

In many other videos, Marvin is seen tearing off females' clothes, standing on their backs, throwing them on to the ground, pulling off their weaves, beating them with various objects, and many other outlandish actions which form part of his signature performance.

McGregor told THE WEEKEND STAR that the police, in a bid to crack down on Marvin's beast-like behaviour, will be targeting organisers as a means of cracking down on lewd and dangerous performances at events.

"If we find that these are the kinds of acts that are playing out there, we can persecute the promoter, the owner of the venue, and the person who is operating the sound system because we would not have given them permission to be doing these acts at the dance," McGregor said.

"If we find out that they will be at the dances and events carrying out these acts, they won't get permission to do it and we will stop them forthwith."

Orville Hall, a renowned dancer, says he does not support Marvin's performances and similar acts because it is not about the art of dancehall.

"Study the art of dancehall, understand where dancehall is coming from and go back to look at how men used to deal with women in dancehall. A man would approach the woman and he would be polite about it," Hall said.

Dancehall diva Keiva, who said she has worked on many international shows with Marvin, said she believes the onus is on females to carry themselves in a respectable manner.

"I am sure that Marvin will not allow a female to do certain things to him, so if you want to allow guys to disrespect you, that's on you," she said.

Following the hullabaloo surrounding his dancing, Marvin has since issued an apology via his Instagram page, saying, " I'm so sorry if you all think me and my team do a bad job in Jamaica. I will be more careful with my dancing now. One love to you all."

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