Richie Spice: 2 decades and still gong strong


May 20, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Richie Spice performs at Cafe Delite, Haining Road, New Kingston, last December.
Richie Spice

the 1990s, Spice has hit the world with eight albums. The singer is now in the process of releasing his ninth and latest album, simply titled The Album, on The Element's label. It will feature his most popular new releases Nuh Leave Me, Highest, and Where There Is A Way, among several others.

uplift them

"The Album will carry a kind of rootical vibration from that time until now. I have always played the music on a churchical vibe, where I man play the music where everyone can listen, where you can listen at home with your family," Spice shared. "Of course, we have songs for the empress dem, something to uplift them. Of course, we nah leave out the herbs, so you have songs about the herbs because it is a part of life. So it will be a variety, a whole compilation, something for everyone."

Sayers added, "The people have been requesting the album and just sitting down and holding a reasoning. It's like, yow! The people want the album, so we just want to give them what they want - The Album. So we just said, you know what, let's just work with it and call it The Album and leave it at that."

Not yet settled on a release date, Evans said, "we are looking at dropping it later this year, "if not, certainly by early next year. But whenever it is, it's going to be very, very good. It is going to be of The Element quality, so expect nothing but the best".

Come the end of June, Spice will be heading on a three-week international 'The World's A Cycle Tour', being promoted by The Element. The United States leg of the tour, however, will be promoted by Adamari Empire.

"I man will always be out there representing reggae to the rest of the world. I never stop working, always on the job, whether in Jamaica or the rest of the world. My passion for reggae music will always be there," Spice said.

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