Drake is fake! - Mr Vegas

May 21, 2016
Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas

Drake is fake!

- Mr Vegas

Many Jamaicans have been enjoying the attention that international rapper Drake has been bringing to the island by sampling the work of several local artistes on his latest album VIEWS. Despite the rave, at least one dancehall artiste has lashed out against the Canadian-born rapper, calling him a fake for 'using' Jamaican acts instead of truly collaborating with them.

In his MV Corner vlog earlier this week, Mr Vegas called questioned Drake's loyalty to dancehall music and dancehall artistes stating that, on his latest project, all he did was take advantage of the entertainers.

"A lot of people were excited about this album and I too wanted to be excited. The first song I wanted to listen to was the new Controlla with Beenie Man because I'm saying to myself if Drake took Popcaan of the track and added Beenie Man that mean say Beenie Man kill the record," he said.

displeased about

"So I'm listening to the record, and out of nowhere mi hear, 'gyal a tear off mi garment.' And I was like how that sample just jump in so. No likkle flow, no mesh, it just dash in. Then at the end of the record when the record a fade yuh hear Beenie Man a do a outro, so mi say, 'no Drake a ramp with my artiste'."

Mr Vegas was also displeased about the fact that Drake used samples from Popcaan and Serani, but none of these artistes were mentioned in the album's credit.

When contacted, Mr Vegas said he decided to talk about the issue because he felt the entertainers were not given enough recognition and respect for their work.

"If Drake is gonna boast how much he loves dancehall, Gaza, Gully; how comes him treat the yard artiste the so," he lamented. "The point is not about superstar rappers sampling our music, this is about Drake's loyalty and love that he professed for the dancehall," he told THE STAR.


"I see a clear sign of Drake being a fake by not even mentioning the artistes he sampled from Jamaica. I think if he credited the others he could have credited the Jamaican artistes too."

Mr Vegas went on to explain that mentioning the artistes name would have brought them the attention they deserved. "When they see an artiste's name being featured, that is how his (Drake's) fans would've have researched them. I am not even Beyonce's friend and she credited me on her album, Platinum Edition, for my work on the song, Standing On The Sun."

Social media users agreed with the entertainer's stance stating that Jamaican artistes are usually too excited to work with top foreign acts to notice when they are being taken advantage of.

"Finally sumn me can agree with you bout pon di corner. Long time me a tell dem Drake fake. Drake doesn't want to pay real money or share Grammys," one person said.

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