'I'm fighting for dancehall' - Vegas responds after Popcaan defends Drake

May 24, 2016
Contributed Popcaan
Mr Vegas

- Vegas responds after Popcaan defends Drake

Following Popcaan's response to Mr Vegas' decision to call out international rapper Drake for being a ''fake supporter'' of dancehall music, Vegas has come out defending his actions, stating that he was not looking to fight another man's battle, but was simply advocating for the genre and protecting the Jamaican culture.

In the latest installation in a saga that continues to dominate discussions on social media, Mr Vegas shrugged off recent comments made by Popcaan in which he told the Heads High deejay to stay out of his business and leave his rapper friend Drake alone. In a video posted to his Instagram page on the weekend, Popcaan can be heard telling Vegas he could handle himself and didn't need his help.

Vegas responded to those statements via his daily vlog, MV Corner, stating that his decision to speak out in the first place was not to help one man, but the entire dancehall music.

"People need to understand that when I speak for this music, reggae/dancehall music, I'm not speaking for just one individual, so please do not take such credit to think that I'm fighting your personal war," he said. "I am speaking for a whole genre that I am a part of ,so I think I have the right to speak."

The entertainer, who has been in the industry for almost two decades, defended his stance to speak out, stating that dancehall music has always taken the back burner and is only given the recognition it deserves when international artistes such as Drake and Justin Beiber try it.

"I've been doing this for 19 years, and I've seen that whenever we have a hit record, it is played in New York, Hartford, and sometimes Florida because other radio stations are saying they do not play reggae/dancehall music. Now that dancehall is being played on mainstream radio and going number one on the Billboard chart, I'm calling it out," he said. "How comes when we take our music to your radio stations you can't play it, but you're playing Justin Beiber reggae. That's all I'm saying."


Mr Vegas explained that he was not against foreign acts doing reggae/dancehall music but believed that the local acts should be credited for their work with these international acts. "We are not saying don't come to Jamaica and sing our songs or take our samples, we're saying just credit us, call the genre what it is. It is not benefiting us when you take our music and then you call it Tropical House and all of these things," he argued.

Again, the issue sparked a lot of comments on social media, and although there were some persons who bashed Vegas, claiming that he was 'sticking his nose where it didn't belong', the majority of users supported him, stating that the things he said were the truth and they needed to have been brought to the fore.

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