Prince Marni and Lincoln3Dot ends internet feud

May 25, 2016

Internet comedians and vloggers, Prince Marni and Lincoln3Dot have sought to clear the air on what many dubbed a feud.

Both men hurled subliminal insults on each other in social media videos.

Lincoln3Dot who is known for his straight talk Snapchat videos, posted a series, where he hit out against wig wearing men. 

A number of viewers immediately believed he was throwing shades at Prince Marni who is known for his portrayal of Susan, a wig wearing woman.

Following Lincoln3Dot's video, Prince Marni and his brother GyalisinParis, made a video seemingly addressing Lincoln3Dot.

But the men have joined forces in addressing the specualtions, alluding that persons made too much of the matter.

"Everybody have dem own opinion bout everything still. But you see how the fans dem stay and how social media stay, it a promote division," Prince Marni said.

"It a fuel feud," added Lincoln3Dot.

"We need fi start uplift each other instead of promoting the negativity," said Prince Marni. 


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