I'm sorry! ...Promoter apologises for defaming Tanto Blacks

May 26, 2016
Tanto Blacks
Tanto Blacks

... Promoter apologises for defaming Tanto Blacks

United Kingdom-based promoter Big D has apologised to Tanto Blacks for disparaging comments he made about the artiste on social media recently.

According to Big D, Tanto Blacks was demanding five-star hotels and transportation by vintage cars, requests he said would cost his company additional money.

In his social media rant, Big D questioned Tanto Blacks' worth. "Yuh think yuh a Bob Marley," Big D said.

However, having worked out the situation with Tanto Blacks, Big D is singing a new tune.

"People, I just want to apologise to Tanto Blacks and his manager and the people who listen to YouTube. Everything good with me and Tanto Blacks, and he will be in London. Some understanding gwaan between me and him and him booking agent. Everything sort out; everything good. Him a work with me and me a work with him. Mi just a apologise to him and the fans them. Everything a move forward. Tanto, big up yuhself because right now yuh a di man," he said.

When contacted by THE STAR, Tanto Blacks said he would be honouring the contract by performing at the show. He stated, however, that he wants a better apology since the promoter defamed his character, and he wants promoters to know that he is an easy person to work with.

"I want him to say mi tell a lie pon di youth and mi apologise. Him mislead the people dem. I did ask for the vintage car because a dat mi drive inna Jamaica, but, at the same time, I didn't make the request in a negative manner. So he misled the people, and if him did seh no, I would have still done the show," Tanto Blacks said.

"Mi a Maroon and yuh can't ramp with Maroon because God love wi. Riches bring real crosses and nuff friend me lose, but crosses cyah stop mi. So mi just want yuh mek a better apology because yuh put lies inna di people dem head. Mi want the people dem pray fi mi and read unuh Bible, too, because a pure crosses out deh when yuh rich."

Tanto Blacks is promoting a new single with iconic producer Teetimus titled Lifestyle Rich.

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