Dandexx gains momentum


May 27, 2016

Recording artiste Dandexx has been receiving increased rotations for his single 'Confident'.

The single was produced by Wayne Brown on the Night and Day rhythm and speaks to remaining assured despite any obstacles faced. "This single, along with Nu Life of Corruption from my Soft Answer album, has been garnering a lot of airplay, especially in Africa and the United States," Dandexx said.

Radio stations such as KMIX and KXRL in Los Angeles, California; WCTR in Chicago, Illinois; WMIC in Miami, Florida; WNYR in New York; and KHSX in Houston, Texas, have all given Dandexx support.

"These stations support good music, and I appreciate all the disc jocks that work for them to keep a positive message flowing," he further shared.

The reggae recording artiste is also receiving airplay in Kenya and Nigeria in Africa. Dandexx said: "When I look at the reviews for sales and on my website I realise that I have a growing fan base in Africa and I am very happy for this."

Dandexx, born Kirk Brown, is based in Los Angeles but was born in Kingston. He started doing music in 1993 but did not get his break until in 2011, when he released I Know You Not and Fill My Cup.

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