Dimon Treajah hits with 'Work Hard'


May 27, 2016
Dimon Treajah

Rizing Stars recording artiste Dimon Treajah has scored his first bona fide top ten hit with Work Hard on the Drugs rhythm for Chase Mills Records.

In recent weeks, the song seems to have touched a nerve with Jamaicans advocating for better working conditions and higher wages. The song has become a regular fixture on the FIWI Choice top ten charts, which airs on TVJ every Saturday, hitting the No. 5

position last week.

Dimon hailed the move by the Jamaican Government to institute its pledge to make persons earning $1.5 million or less a year exempt from paying taxes, but warned that more needs to be done for the most vulnerable.

"Right now, it's great news for the middle class, but it doesn't do a lot for the poorest workers. Ideally, the minimum wage should be doubled, making increases over the next four years along with reasonable increase in the hourly wages," Dimon Treajah argued.

Many political commentators credit the tax promise with giving the Jamaica Labour Party a nail-biting victory over the People's National Party in the February 25 general election.

Dimon is now turning towards the release of his first EP.

"This year, I will be officially releasing my EP, plus there is a Dimon Treajah and Di Firm mixtape that will be released next month, so my fans can look out for that," he said.

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