Fans mourn with Nesbeth ...Singer's sister dies months after losing wife

May 27, 2016
Nesbeth pays tribute to his wife, Annmarie Elliott-Nesbeth at her funeral service in March.
File Nesbeth

Like they did when his wife passed away back in February, fans of reggae singer Nesbeth again took to social media to show their support for the entertainer following news that his sister had died.

The My Dream singer made the revelation on Wednesday afternoon via his social media pages, stating that the passing of his sister, just months after his wife was laid to rest, was simply too much for him to bear.

He posted a photo of her on his Instagram and Facebook profiles with a caption saying, "It too much fi one man bear. Jah know, my little sis drop short on the journey this morning ... many rivers to cross."

As soon as the artiste made the announcement, his social media pages were flooded with comments as fans showed their support and offered condolences to Nesbeth and family.

They encouraged the singer to be strong and sought to assure him that as his fans, they would stand with him as he goes through this difficult time.

"So very sorry for your loss again brother. It's a road we all must take. Stand strong my brother. The burden you bear is a hard one, but we are here for you," one user posted.

"My condolences. You must be broken inside. I know you will stay strong for your kids, but inside you are hurting. I'm so sorry for your loss, words can't express all I feel, but know that people all over the world are sending you strength," another commented.

Since yesterday, Nesbeth's post has received more than 1,200 comments on Facebook and more than 350 on Instagram.

Details surrounding the death of his sister have not yet been released.

Nesbeth was said to not be in a position to speak to the media yesterday. However, his publicist, Raymond 'Shadow' Small, told THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday that the singer is taking the news in stride.

At his wife's funeral in March, Nesbeth was a picture of grief, fighting back tears as he said his final goodbyes. In a tribute song performed at the service, the artiste recounted how difficult it was for him and his family to come to grips with his wife's passing, stating that it was a tremendous loss. As he recalled the love they shared, he also revealed how great a void her passing left in his heart.

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