Ganggoolie scores with comedic single


May 27, 2016

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie has been getting an incredible feedback to his latest video for his song, Voicenote (Ochi Embassy), which gives a humorous take on two of the hilarious voicenotes making the rounds on social media.

"The reaction has been huge, this ah the biggest one of my songs has ever been worldwide, the video went viral in 24 hours ... dozens of big websites have it up, the song is all over Instagram, ZJ liquid endorse it on IG, plus all the mix tapes have the song up," Ganggoolie said.

Ganggoolie used two of the controversial voicenotes, namely "twelve hundred and five hundred' and 'mi no de a Jamaica now, mi de a Ochi' to compose a humorous gem of a song. He also incorporated a fake silly voicenote intro by a female to the song.

"Pure killing a gwaan, Jamaica needs a laugh. The dances dem tense, dem people de nah deal with another set of people, so the impact has been huge, people love the humorous vibe," he said.

The video was directed by Yardsnap. The song was released last week on the Street Dreams Production label.

"The views dem amp up all over the world, mi a get reaction from all over the Caribbean and North America, big up Richie Dream Team from Connecticut, Cassim International and Future Squad from New York, this ah the fastest any of my songs dem a buss," he said.

Last year, Ganggoolie made national waves with his hit, Muscle Wine, followed by the hilariously inventive Donkey Kick, which also spawned a dance of the same name. He embarked on a promotional tour of the US earlier this year.

Ganggoolie, once known as Hitlist aka The Sheriff, scored a big hit with Please Stop The Killing in 2005 and became a protege of deejay Bounty Killer.

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