Gully Bop's girlfriend A'mari upsets Ninja Man

May 27, 2016

Recording and later uploading a video of herself showing a used and stained sanitary napkin, Gully Bop’s current girlfriend A'mari has turned the stomachs of several Jamaicans. Following the agreeably distasteful display, Ninja Man has taken it up on himself to cry shame at the viral pair.

In an almost 16-minute-long tape posted to social media, Ninja Man went off on a rant beseeching that both Gully Bop and A'mari put an end to their offensive displays on the Internet.

“What kind of disgraceful thing dem deh my youth?” Ninja Man questioned on camera.

The dancehall artiste did not pass up the opportunity to tell viewers just how disturbed he was by the showing.

“Jesus Christ, me belly pain me, mi stomach sick fi see a woman come pon the [expletive] Internet and a talk dem things deh bout artiste,” he said.

Later in the video, Ninja Man even appeared to scorn Gully Bop stating: “Gully Bop, me a go tell you this yu nuh, you can’t come nowhere near me again yu nuh!”

During his rant however, Ninja Man took time out to deliver a sobering message to the pair.


“In the name of Jesus, unu get a hold a unu self man. This don’t look good...A'mari, you have a daughter you have son, you have pickney. You can’t make yourself a do dem something deh. Inna the future, when yu pickney dem see dem something deh, dem a go shame,” he said.

It appears that Gully Bop, who is currently spending time with A'mari in New York are experiencing tough times having chronicled a number of physical altercations in which were posted to social media.

Ninja Man's rant was as a result of live stream in which A'mari showed the soiled sanitary napkin to her viewers during a rant of her own about Gully Bops apparent infidelity.

Gully Bop and A'mari have lately been producing a series of videos for publication on social media. Several see the couple sharing intimate moments, and at other times violent physical altercations.

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