Tone down your dancing - Mr Chumps tells Marvin

May 27, 2016
Contributed Mr Chumps

Dancer Marvin, 'The Beast', has angered a lot of people over the past week with his over-the-top dancing, among them is up-and-coming artiste, Mr Chumps, who said the dancer is damaging the reputation of his latest single, 'Wuk Fah.'

Mr Chumps told THE WEEKEND STAR that his song has been gaining traction in the streets but he disapproves of the way Marvin treats women when he is dancing. He would prefer if the dancer tones down his performance, especially when he is dancing to his song.

"My song Wuk Fah is one you should enjoy yourself to and not get hurt during the process," he said.

"We have a party in St James, called Wuk Fah, and Marvin was there recently. My song drop and mi hear say Marvin gwaan bad wid the girl dem.

"I heard that he was beating the girls real hard and dancing very rough with them and that is not what my song is about."

Mr Chumps said though he does not support the way Marvin performs, his song has been gaining a lot of attention since the videos of Marvin dancing to his song began circulating on the Internet.

"A lot of people have been calling me to do dub plates because them a hear the song in the videos and like it, so I'm not against Marvin dancing to my song," he explained, stating that he would love if the performer would tweak his performance to include less violence and more fun.

"I have four daughters so I have a reputation to maintain. I do not have anything against Marvin, and I have no problem with him dancing to my song, I just don't want him to continue on the path he's on. He can have fun without going overboard."

Mr Cumps is currently promoting several new singles including Home Wrecker, Good Vibes and Money Money. He can be found on Instagram @realmrchumps and on his YouTube channel, Mr Chumps Music.

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