Tr3mma ready for the next level

May 27, 2016
Contributed Tr3mma

Tr3mma Jr, formerly known as Singing White, is ready to take his musical career to higher heights. He recently released two singles, 'Sensimenia Smoking' and 'Naturally'.
Originally from the Grants Pen area of Kingston, Tr3mma's love for music emerged at a very young age. His style of singing was heavily influenced by two of his musical idols, Sanchez and Wayne Wonder.
While recording as Singing White, he gained some traction with his cover of Kenny Rogers' You Decorated My Life, his debut single in 1987 for the Sonic Sounds label. Subsequent releases included World Dance, Blood A Run, and Give Thanks.
After migrating to the UK in 1998, he continued to pursue his musical career, where he released covers of Usher's Burn and Westlife's Swear It All Over Again, among others.
He also ventured into production, where he produced most of his
"Going into production, I was able to focus on my songwriting abilities to get my messages across to the world," he said.
Tr3mma's debut album, Question, was recently released on iTunes stores. It comprises an extensive variety of songs and topics, some of which are bound to capture political debate. It also features musician and producer Danny 'Danman' Donaldson from Hit Room Production.
Tr3mma is in the process of setting up his own record label to assist up-and-coming artistes.



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