Tydal heads to Europe

May 27, 2016
File Tydal Kamau

Reggae artiste Tydal Kamau is gearing up for his upcoming tour of Europe.

According to the artiste, he is confident that the tour will help him to grow his fan base in one of reggae's biggest markets. He also plans to impress Europe with his latest work.

"I'm doing a promotional run to establish some links and exploit all opportunities to set the pace for my new CD set to be released this year. Fans can expect an energetic mature and engaging performance. This is my second time in Europe so I have an idea of what the fans want," he said.

The artiste, who made his debut at Rebel Salute last January, told THE WEEKEND STAR that working in Europe is a different experience.

"In Europe, people generally show appreciation for reggae music, while in Jamaica, it doesn't matter how good you are, people barely wants to applaud you for your effort," said the artiste.

Tydal is promoting a new single titled Sweet Reggae Music. He is also looking to increase his presence in the commercial media.

"The response on social media has been great so far, however, I have to step up some radio promotion and see where that goes. The official (Sweet Reggae Music) video will be available to the public in short order. I haven't released much songs recently so I'm trying to make more music and visual available to the public. I'm working on a new CD, which is expected to take me to the next level," Tydal said.

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