Fans tired of Gully Bop, A’mari

May 28, 2016
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Gully Bop and his new love, A'mari.
Gully Bop
Gully Bop and A'mari.


tired of


Bop, A'mari

Social media users are growing increasingly frustrated with up-and-coming artiste, A'mari, aka DJ Mona Lisa, and her antics involving entertainer Gully Bop.

The estranged couple is again at the height of discussions on social media following several recent posts made by A'mari in which she not only accused Gully Bop of cheating on her, but alleges yet again that the entertainer has been abusing her.

Over the past few days, social media has been bombarded with information about the couple's personal life and users are less than pleased.

In the most recent videos uploaded to A'mari's Facebook page, she spirals out of control, launching verbal attacks against Gully Bop. She even threatened to file a restraining order against him before having him thrown out of her home in New York.

Several users believe that both A'mari and Bop are mentally unstable and need to seek professional help before one seriously hurts the other.

"Toxic relationship, if he (Bop) doesn't take himself away from all the things that hurting him, someone going to end up in jail or in the hospital," one user posted.

more sympathetic

"You (A'mari) are a mad woman," another commented. "No one in their right mind would sit and talk business with u."

Some persons even suggested that A'mari should be suspended from Facebook.

Although the comments show a general disgust for both A'mari and Gully Bop, users were more sympathetic towards Gully Bop. Fans of the deejay believe that he is not in a position to help himself because he is totally dependent on A'mari who was recently appointed as his manager.

Genuinely concerned about his well-being, fans of the entertainer believe that Gully Bop should just count his losses and sever all ties with A'mari. They believe the entertainer, who is currently in New York with A'mari, would be better off if he returned to Jamaica.

"Bop leave the clothes a New York. If this is how it's going be for you, better yuh come back come buil' inna the gully, voice some tune and start over," one user posted.

"Mi feel sorry fi Bop, him nuh look happy from wah day. Him look so stressed out," another commented.

Gully Bop has been the centre of controversy in recent weeks as several persons have come forward to state how difficult it is to work with the artiste. Just last month, his former manager, Karl Durrant revealed some of the issues he has been having with Gully Bop.

Durrant claimed that Gully Bop has been his most difficult client to date, and said despite his best efforts to work with the artiste, he was left with no choice but to sever all ties with Bop. That came just months after Gully Bop's former manager, Heavy D, also let the deejay go as a client, stating that the entertainer was "out of control and almost impossible to work with."

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