'Bop is not my boyfriend'

May 31, 2016

After his recent debacle on social media with on and off girlfriend A'mari, Gully Bop is back in Jamaica.

But it is not his return that has tongues wagging, it is a picture of the dancehall artiste and a female.

In the photo the woman is hugging Bop as they pose for a selfie.

The photo, which is receiving hundreds of shares in less than 24 hours, bears the caption:

"Gully Bop with his new Girlfriend after dumping Amari". 

Fans of the artiste are seemingly happy.

"This girl fit him more, him look good naw lie," one person commented.

"Wen a woman tek up a man shi fix him up go bop u finally look right," said another social media user.

Another commented on the woman's appearance, seemingly giving her the thumbs up.

"Easy no Bop, deh one ya clean to di bone a swear."

Others worried about whether the woman was with Bop for his money.

But the woman in the picture is Lady Genius, an artiste who has managed to have a following of her own.

When the STAR Online contacted her, it was evident she was trying to contain her laughter.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed.

"The picture was taken at the Oracabessa festival in New York. We were backstage in VIP. Bop is only a good friend of mine," she added.While they are friends who seem to have the support of Bop's fans, if there was an actual relationship, Bop does not fit genius' criteria. 

"Personally, I wouldn't date him. I have nothing against him but he's not my type of guy and he's a pretty older guy too. I don't see in him in that way," she said.

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