Rhogue, Raytid in 'Sexual Conflict'


May 31, 2016

MIA Productions dancehall artiste Rhogue has officially released her latest single Sexual Conflict, featuring fellow dancehall entertainer Raytid. The song is on the Video Chat rhythm, which was produced by Jaycrazie Records.

Sexual Conflict is for a mature audience and is generating great reception. The single is one of many featured on the rhythm, but has been making a successful imprint as being one of the 'baddest' songs on the project.

"Some DJs say dem love it, the song bad. I am also doing promotions with it, so by summer, I expect proper rotation as the song is still very new," said Rhogue.

The single has a very high probability of taking over the charts this summer, especially with the help of dancehall fans all over.

Rhogue is currently working on some new singles to be released by two of Jamaica's most gifted producers, Jaycrazie and BlackSheep. She is planning to release them in the near future and emphasises for her fans to continue to support Sexual Conflict, so that it can be the song of the summer.

Sexual Conflict is available on iTunes and other online digital platforms. The single is a follow-up to her successful song, All Eyes This Way, which was featured off the Blahdaff Nation rhythm.

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