Girlfriendz discusses fathers


June 03, 2016
Contributed Shelly-Ann weeks

Girlfriendz - Cocktailz and Conversations will be dedicated to examining and celebrating fatherhood when it is held on Father's Day on Sunday, June 19, at 100 Hope Road on the roof.

Fathers' Day is not usually greeted with the kind of fanfare and celebration of Mothers' Day, and one can argue that the lacklustre approach is indicative of how society treats fathers overall. It is clear that there are men who have not stepped up to the responsibility of fatherhood and that there are many children growing up without this male figure in their lives.

The panel discussion will be centred on the theme 'How fair is the term 'Dead Beat Dad'?' Shelly-Ann 'Dr Sexy-Ann' Weeks, relationship coach and creator of the event, takes pride in discussing topics that are usually considered taboo, and this month is no different.

The panel is made up of mostly men, and this edition will feature broadcaster Rodney Campbell, actor Jerry Benzwick, anthropologist and Fathers Inc president Dr Herbert Gayle, dancehall artiste Paul Gaynor of Twin of Twins, and marketer Noran Price, among others.

In addition to the panel discussion, patrons can win amazing prizes as part of the games and giveaways. Dr Sexy-Ann gives sex and relationship tips, and there will be live performances, with music by New Star Entertainment.

Admission for entry is $1,000 (buy three tickets get one free - presold only); $1,500 at the door; and fun starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available at, or call 798-0820 for more information.

Girlfriendz targets women, but men are definitely invited to attend.

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