War brewing for Sister Scully's house ... Former husband wants widower out

June 03, 2016
File Sister Scully
File Sister Scully

Sister Scully’s ex-husband has sued the widower of the late gospel singer over the matrimonial house.

Christopher Hall, Sister Scully’s widower, was on Thursday dragged before the Civil Court in Spanish Town, St Catherine. The suit was filed by Oswald McGrowder, the late singer’s former husband, who resides in Canada.

McGrowder wants Hall to cease occupancy of the matrimonial house that he cohabited with Sister Scully, whose given name is Audrey Scully-Hall, before their divorce.
It was revealed that the residence, which is situated at Marl Road in Gordon Pen, St Catherine, is a source of contention.

However, last Thursday, McGrowder, despite bringing the action, was a no-show at court. Parish Judge Alicia McIntosh told Hall that he should go home as McGrowder had not answered the policeman’s call to enter the courtroom and have the matter heard. Hall was represented at the hearing by attorney-at-law Nashauna Thomas.
Scully-Hall, the Hurry Up singer, died in November 2015 following a brief illness. 

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