Magnum finalists ready for lyrical war

June 04, 2016
Mi Ya Estro

The Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall will come to an end tomorrow night, and if the four finalists in the competition have anything to say about it, the showdown set to take place at the Breezy Castle mini-stadium in downtown Kingston will be nothing short of epic.

THE STAR sat down with the finalists in the hours leading up to tonight's grand finale, and they all beamed with excitement as they told Jamaicans to expect one of the best final nights the competition has seen since it began nine years ago.


Anticipated clash


Clymaxx, one of two female finalists in the competition, says her fans can expect her to give her opponent Mi Ya Estro a lyrical lashing tomorrow night as they both go head to head in the highly anticipated clash.

"Fans can expect to see the same Clymaxx, enuh, lyrical punching just killing," she said, stating that the only thing she needs to really work on at this point is projecting her voice. "Mi already lyrical to the max, so mi nuh really a make nuh adjustments to the thing. The only thing mi really want to work on is projecting my voice, which is getting there naturally.

Although Clymaxx has proven herself lyrically, her opponent, Mi Ya Estro, will be no pushover and expressed that she will be fighting to the finish.

"Yuh dun know a Mi Ya Estro and di talent weh mi have nuh normal. My talent is real and people will see that in the clash," she said. "A pure murderation. Mi a go deal wid it wicked. Mi always have mi props and a bag of surprises, so unuh expect fi see dat. Don't count me out because mi a go bring it."

The war atmosphere isn't any calmer on the male side, as both Accid and Zigma are also sharpening their tools for war. They told THE STAR that they are ready to bring the fire and said Jamaicans should brace themselves for a lyrical annihilation tonight.


Authentic thing


"Definitely lyrics and no gimmicks we a bring. Some authentic thing from outta di lyrics factory, di lyrics box," Zigma said, explaining that fans should expect a surprise from him as he prepares to eliminate Accid.

"Everybody have them fans, some a say Accid, others a say Zigma, so we nah focus pon that. We say, futuristic so Zigma always creative and we a go find the formula to make the people dem astonish fi di finals."

Accid, who has been one of the favourites throughout the competition, said he is prepared to handle anything Zigma throws at him on clash night.

"We know say we a go inna a clash and it a go big, so we prepare wiself. I'm focused and mi just a go out there go do what mi fi do. It is my work to do dis, so mi a keep mi medz focused pan di prize when mi a attack."

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