JAii RyDa says 'Ride Or Die'


June 06, 2016
Contributed JAii RyDa

Recording artiste and producer JAii RyDa has released his latest single, Ride Or Die, which he


The single, which was released on May 6, was inspired by loyalty and the desire of most persons to seek that trait when looking for a relationship.

The song has only been out for almost a month but has been doing great according to RyDa.

"Honestly, it's only been out a short while, but I am grateful to have it on local radio stations in Houston, Texas; Connecticut; Florida; and radio stations in France and Canada," he said.

JAii is working on his second EP with Synesthetic Nation Production, incorporating artistes from both Jamaica and America. His first ever EP was titled The Difference Mixtape VOL. 1, and involved producers from Europe and North and South America.

JAii RyDa is also working on the release of a music video for Ride Or Die and is confident that it will be successful. He wants to continue to integrate reggae and dancehall into other genres and reach out to different countries. His goal is to continue gaining love and loyalty from new and consistent fans from all around.

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