'Tank Up' stays a number one


June 08, 2016
Noface Unknown

Dancehall artiste Noface Unknown maintained the number-one position with his breakout, money-earning 'Tank Up' single, which soared to pole position of the FIWI Choice Top Ten charts recently.

"All the taxi man dem love it because when dem touch the road, ah tank up dem say, ah money dem a look.

Everybody love the tank up slang, which means prosperity and success, even in the face of bad mind. The lyrics dem positive and happy about money, that's why it work," he said.

brilliant images

Noface Unknown made several references to "money trees" and money falling like rain, brilliant images that have captured the imagination of Jamaicans mired in harsh economic times.

In the meantime, the artiste is generating airplay on FM radio and in the streets with Tank Up.

"The feedback has been incredible, so far, crazy tweets, and feedback on social media. DJ Wayne, Garfield Hamilton, Troy McLean, ZIP, ah beat it. FAME FM ah pump it, it is an anthem on SunCity radio, the ting fully tank up," Noface Unknown said.

NoFace Unknown has been using a mixture of Spanish phrases, Arabic greetings, such as 'As-salamu alaykum', to pepper his songs, winning a cult following online. However, church leaders have started to criticise his use of masks in his performances.

"The other day, I was at a party and the police rolled in and dem pull me one side because mi never waan take off mi mask, and then dem carry mi inna the jeep, mek mi tek off the mask to protect mi identity, and dem realise say mi no wanted. No face, no ego, no doubt," he said.

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