Dimon Treajah mad at Bounty robbers


June 10, 2016
Bounty Killer
Dimon Treajah

Rizing Stars recording artiste Dimon Treajah is upset about reports that emerged this week that Bounty Killer was robbed at gunpoint of a large sum of cash and his Alliance chain.

"The man work hard and get pay, and it feel terrible to know say ah yu owna set a people, yu fellow Jamaicans, dem come rob him, and dem know say the man have him family fi feed," Dimon Treajah said.

"As the Poor People Governor, look how much youth him help out over the years, defend the rights of the poor and, still, dem youth de come rob him. It look like a set up. Dem fi bring back the man money and chain. Killer ah we real general, all the way."

Treajah is in the streets aggressively promoting his hit single, Work Hard.

"The song ah play inna the reality segment over Sidechick Tuesdays and Sexy Tuesdays. Big up DJ Snipa, DJ Gallis and DJ Fire Reds, who ah play Shella Mondays, Big Daddy Mondays, and LOL Tuesdays. Dem a kick it weh wicked inna the streets. Big respect to DJ Bumpy Cash, and Six Killa," he said.

Treajah is also promoting Sexual Feeling, produced by DJ Frass.

"Sexual Feeling shell down Shella Mondays on Omara Road wicked this week. It pull up three times, and the selector pull down the sound and the people ah sing along," he said.

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