Female artistes shun no makeup movement

June 10, 2016
Danielle DI
Danielle DI
Raine Seville
Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

R&B superstar Alicia Keys recently launched a no-make-up movement where she has vowed to stop wearing make-up and is encouraging others to do the same. While she believes this is a way of empowering other women, some local entertainers said they would not be following suit.

In an exposE, Keys explained that the "harsh, judgemental world of entertainment" has pressured her to hide behind make-up to look "perfect" and feel "pretty" so that society would accept her. However, she now wants to break that bondage by going without make-up during her performances and professional shoots to show her ''real self'' in order to empower women.

However, some entertainers told THE WEEKEND STAR that they would not be going that route.

"Mi would neva stop wearing make-up because remember, my mother neva tek a pretty coolie man with straight nose and dem something there, so me haffi fix up," popular dancehall figure Pamputtae said.

Pamputae admitted that she constantly faces harsh criticism as an entertainment figure, but she does not believe going without make-up is the answer.

"People always criticise me. First, dem tell me say me neva did a go buss because me too fat. People say me neva look good yet. Dem say me fat and me knee knock. Me wear tights and people chat me, and dem woulda still chat me if me wear shorts," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Instead of shunning make-up, Pamputtae said the best approach for those suffering from self-confidence issues is developing a sense of self-worth.

"Some people do things fi please others. My advice is to please yourself because you come first. Love yourself. Anything that you love, you should do it," she said.

Similarly, the self-proclaimed rebel Danielle D.I. explained that she adores make-up and would not stop wearing it during her performances.

"More power to her (Alicia Keys) if she is comfortable not wearing make-up and if she feels that's empowering women. However, I'm a very girly girl, and I'm also a very materialistic girl. I love getting dolled up, and I love getting glammed up," she said.

She admitted that being in the spotlight pressures entertainers to maintain a certain look, but she said: "At the end of the day, it is very important to feel natural and comfortable in your own skin."

Danielle D.I. said she encourages women to accept themselves because they cannot hide behind make-up.

"There's no way to hide. If you have bad, terrible skin, you're going to see it through the make-up. If you have a dirty personality, you a go see it through the make-up. So just feel comfortable in your own skin and do whatever floats your boat," she said.

For recording artiste Raine Seville, permanently abandoning make-up is not an option, as it forms part of her entertainment persona.

"I respect her [Alicia Keys] view on her situation, and I like the fact that she is encouraging women to be OK with their natural beauty. However, I don't think I would stop wearing make-up because it is a part of my image as an entertainer to have different looks, to never be predictable, and make-up is a part of achieving that," she said.

Raine also stressed that women should love themselves, and never become dependent on make-up to feel beautiful.

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