Gary Freestyle brings the flavour


June 10, 2016
Contributed Gary Freestyle

Keeping patrons busy on the dance floor is the aim of every disc jock. For Gary Freestyle, seeing patrons enjoy themselves gives him the motivation to continue on his mission to entertain.

Freestyle whose real name is Gary Wallace has been making a name for himself in radio land as a Sunjock on SunCity 104.9 FM.

"I've been a DJ from I was a teenager. I moved into radio in 2008 just seven years after working on the nightclub circuit," Gary explained. He was a resident DJ at the Asylum and Cactus nightclubs.

His first radio gig was at Best FM but SunCity has been his place of abode for the past five years.

"Well I've always had a passion for music and entertainment. It was a DJ known as Ian who introduced me to playing music in the club. He gave me the opportunity to play for a club audience and from there at the Rock Club I realised my passion for the art and started my journey. I have played at parties and various events across Jamaica and overseas," Gary explained.

The Kingston 20 resident has played at major events including Bikini Sundays, Memories and most recently the retro party Stir it Up.

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