Noddy wants singers to get respect


June 10, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Interview with Noddy Virtue
Noddy Virtue

Give the singers a chance, is Noddy Virtue's plea.

Eleven years after finishing runners up in the Rising Stars competition, Noddy Virtue said his big break on the entertainment scene has been hampered by a lack of appreciation for singers.

"One problem mi have with the industry, too much deejay music deh pon the radio. Dem nah give the singers no break.

I remember when me go dancehall, back in the days, singers haffi sing first then deejays come after.

"Disc jocks a play the same music, over and over, and nah give the singers a chance.

Dis nuh gwaan in America, dem love singers over there," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Although not much has been heard from the St Elizabeth native since his Rising Stars stint, Noddy said he has been spending time in the recording studio furthering his craft.

"We still doing the work. It is not about falling off, it's about the business aspect of the industry," Noddy said.

"You have people who try to hold back artiste and try to take artiste off shows because they know your potential and they know what you are capable of. But I just want my fans to know that Noddy is here to stay, I'm not going anywhere," he added.

As to whether he believes he should have achieved more in his career since 2005, Noddy said everything happens in due time.

"No, man, me leave everything to the Almighty God. Mi nuh need fi rush things. Me take it one day at a time. Mi just stay focused. We never fall off," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Noddy also said that instead of booking established artistes to perform at Rising Star grand finales show each year, past contestants should be given the opportunity to perform at them.

"Without the people who enter, you wouldn't have a show, so you can't just leave them in the cold. Whenever I watch the finals of the show, I see a lot of artistes that didn't enter Rising Stars, artistes who are already established.

"Artistes who help build Rising Stars brand aren't on it. Dem go luu deh so. Dem can call back past contestants to perform and give them a likkle ting because a we help build the show. Don't go round that," he said.

Promoting his latest singles, Play Me and Permanent Screw, Noddy is currently gearing up for a three-show stint in Brazil, followed by performances in parts of the Caribbean and Europe.

"Mi still a work, still a tour. Right now me just leave everything to the Almighty because my day a come when me a go just buss big," he said.

With two albums under his belt, the artiste believes more emphasis should be placed on promoting singers as they are equally important in furthering Jamaica's reach on the international scene.

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