'Social Media' hot for Moshan


June 10, 2016
File Moshan

Dancehall artiste Moshan is on the verge of a major breakthrough in 2016 with his breakout song, Social Media, which is arguably one of the hottest singles in the streets as Jamaica stands poised for a hot Summer season.

"The song is playing at every major dance in the Corporate Area, and it shell parties in Westmoreland and St Elizabeth, the videos for that are showing on Instagram. When it play a dance, the girls dem a sing, dem a the real cheerleader fi the song, the girls dem all ah give the song money pull up, and the school kids dem a endorse it, dem see me inna the street and start sing it," he said.

personal controversy

The single itself, released on the Social Media rhythm for the Crown Eagle Productions label, has received a boost on FM radio in recent times, buoyed by a personal controversy in the deejay's love life, and a hip, saucy new video which deals with cheating in relationships.

"The song is on over 30 mix tapes and counting, it ah go be huge for the Summer, big up Boom Boom who ah lead out the song, big up Gugumental, Randy Rich who ah slap it weh, bless up Big A on the radio, Wessy Wessy and Casco from Swatch, Supa Hype, Ruxie and Bumpy Cash and DJ Banka," Moshan, aka Moshy, said.

The video held the number one position for two consecutive weeks on the FIWI Choice top ten charts last month.

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